The Bluestreaks Field Hockey Club (FHC) has teams in each of the outdoor and indoor Calgary Ladies Field Hockey Association (CLFHA) divisions:

  • Bluestreaks – outdoor B-League and indoor Division I
  • The Odd Squad – outdoor A-League and indoor Division I
  • Lightning – outdoor B-League and indoor Division II
  • Storm – outdoor C-League and indoor Division II
  • Thunder – outdoor U14 Spring league and U18 junior indoor division

Bluestreaks was one of the first CLFHA teams formed back in the 60s. The Odd Squad was formed in 1997. The Lightning indoor squad formed in the Fall of 1999, and the first outdoor team was formed in 2002. Storm had their first indoor team for the 2012-13 season!

No playing experience is needed to join – beginners are welcome!  The Club’s key philosophies are getting new people playing the sport, enjoyment of the game, equal playing time, and skill development.  The Club system allows us to transition players to other divisions depending on skill level and preference.  In most every case we try to fit people where they would like to play, especially if they want to play with friends or family. The Club works with players to find an appropriate fit and when someone asks to be moved to a different division we consider available space on the roster, all important play-time, as well as skill level.  Number one we want players to ENJOY their time playing the sport.