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United Field Hockey Club Annual Tournament

Category : Indoor News

The United Field Hockey Club is looking for interested teams and players to take part at their annual tournament this September!

The tournament will take place at the Genesis Centre in the first or second week of September. At the tournament, there will be a women’s division this year with teenager and adult combined teams.

The tournament format will be as follows:

  • Two 20-minute halves
  • Everything will be open hand – no hits or tomahawks will be permitted. Otherwise, the tournament games will follow outdoor rules
  • Games will be seven vs. seven players (six players and a goalie per team)
  • A cash prize will be available for first and second place teams
  • No entry fee is required for teams to enter the tournament

Bluestreaks wants to know if any players are interested, so please share your interest! The tournament wants to see as many teams as possible for the women’s division.

For any questions about the tournament, please contact:

Tanvir Kang


CLFHA Outdoor Summer League

Category : Outdoor News

Share your interest in playing for Bluestreaks Field Hockey club this summer!

The CLFHA is looking at starting a league as early as July 5, running until the end of August or mid-September. Interested players must email Bluestreaks Field Hockey club by June 24, 2021 to share their interest and specify what Division they want to play in.

Please note that in order to minimize risk, the CLFHA will not allow players to play for both Divisions.

We’re excited to have everyone back to play field hockey again soon!